Introducing the Microbe Ninja Disinfectant/Sanitizer Application System Business Opportunity!

Start a New Business or Add to Your Existing Services.

Introducing the Microbe Ninja Disinfectant/Sanitizer Application System Business Opportunity!

Start a New Business or Add to Your Existing Services.

Microbe Ninja is the Hygienic Division of Diamon-Fusion International, a global leader in automated coating systems since 1997.

Regarding products making claims to kill the coronavirus causing COVID-19:

EPA Compliance Advisory

How This Business Model Works

What is Microbe Ninja?

When added to your business, the Microbe Ninja Disinfectant/Sanitizer Application System provides a resource with limitless opportunity. You not only offer a specialized disinfection/sanitizing service, but you are also supplying your customers and THEIR customers with peace-of-mind and reassurance that they are in a clean environment.

How Does It Work?

From highly efficient electrostatic spraying equipment to handheld cleanliness ATP testing meters and swabs, we have sourced the best application and testing tools that you can find. We also pair everything with our Microbe Ninja Hospital-Grade disinfectant to create a truly powerful system that will sustain your business for years to come!

We will supply you with everything you need to get started and work with you to establish your customer’s trust and keep it!

The Microbe Ninja Disinfectant/Sanitizer Application System includes:

ATP Hygienic Testing Equipment & Swabs

Patented Electrostatic Sprayers

Manual Hand Spray Applicators

Microbe Ninja PureLife Growth Controller

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We also include...

Microbe Ninja EPA Registered Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Promotional/Marketing Materials

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Download the Microbe Ninja Disinfection System Business (PDF) brochure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Training Do I Need?

No special training is required! We will provide you with videos to show how to properly test surfaces and techniques for the application of all of the products.

What Does is the Cost?

Cost depends on several factors including the size of your existing business, type of service, and

area/location. Most clients get started for less than $10,000 AND we will supply you with enough initial Microbe Ninja Disinfectant/Sanitizer to get 3x your initial cost at typical pricing!

Why Should Use the Microbe Ninja Disinfectant/Sanitizer Application System?

The opportunity has never been greater than now! You could spend a tremendous amount of time and money trying to develop and approve your own system but we’ve already done the groundwork for you! This is also the only green, naturally derived disinfectant that does not use any poisons, pesticides, or flammable chemicals.

More Profitable • Less Dangerous • In-Demand • Not Flammable or Poisonous • Simple ingredients • No Harsh Chemicals • Better Products

Introducing the Active Ingredient...

Hypochlorous Acid is naturally found in the human body and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water.

This electro-chemical reaction produces hypochlorous acid within a solution now known as anolyte water and paves the way for a new generation of health and cleanliness.

Hypochlorous acid, produced naturally in the human body, works to break down the cells that are creating the infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting the replication or growth process.

Hypochlorous acid (in a stabilized form) is a weapon to use against the countless invaders that threaten the systems of your body or the cleanliness of your environment. Our homes, workplaces, kids, pets, farms, and food are all vulnerable to germs, bacteria, infection, or disease. Your body naturally produces hypochlorous acid to fight the battle against these harmful invaders from within. Now you can make and bottle hypochlorous acid with the help of the Annihilyzer to fight off these invaders on the outside.

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